Thursday, 19 March 2009

out the box

The main focus of BEd1 art workshops is to encourage the student to take creative risks, think out of the box and relish experimenting. The final outcome is incidental. It's much more about the process of being creative, for its own sake, with little thought of any product at the end of it all.
This challenges the students to step back from the prescriptive and look at new possibilities with their own creativity. Being able to draw and paint in the conventional sense, is no longer relevant. This is about allowing creativity to flourish in whatever way seems appropriate.

Today, I was asked by a student,
"what makes art good? what is art?"
Is there an answer to this?
There are many books on this very subject, however, I can only answer as an artist.
It's about intent. If an artist creates work with integrity, wanting to genuinely and sincerely communicate (with an audience), then this is art. Good art is something else again. In financial terms, a piece of art can be said to be worth only what someone is prepared to pay for it. That doesn't necessarily make it good art. Depends on the criteria.
Do think about this and add comments, if you like.

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